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This is G-O ... He's a Gonk droid, and one of the first ones I've ever seen that actually walks. Below is a profile of the project and a detailed Build Log. A Gonk Droid is a boxy, walking robot seen in the background of the Star Wars movies, and I love them. I've wanted an actual walking one, but building a bipedal robot seemed too challenging. One day I was inspired by a simple wind-up toy and figured I could simply scale up the inner mechanics of the toy to get a larger walking robot. I build this droid over the course of 4 months. He was completely designed in Fusion 360 – a 3D software – to work out all the mechanics and geometries. He's build from a mix of Aluminum, Sintra, and 3D printed parts. He's controlled via wireless remote and can walk forward and back, and has his one word dialog – "GONK" – on an mp3 player that plays through an onboard speaker. 

Walking Gonk Droid

Star Wars

Build Pictures

Build Pics

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