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Two classic Looney Toons weapons wielded by Marvin the Martian: His Disintegrator Ray, and the Immudium Pew-36 Explosive Space Modulator ... capable of an Earth shattering Kaboom!

I recently got my first 3D Printer and I've also been teaching myself 3D modeling with Fusion 360. I wanted to give myself a good first project to model in 3D, print on the printer, and finish into a painted and weathered prop.

I was able to model up the basics of the gun in Fusion over a day or two. Once I had model chopped up and saved as gcode files, I sent them all to the printer. To print all the parts took about 28 hours. The parts came out very clean, but of course there's sanding and filling to be done to reduce the 3D texture. 

For paint I found a great avocado green paint and did some weathering to make it look like these were recovered from the Martian landscape.

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