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This is the lightsaber that is seen briefly in a flashback, carried by Leia in her Jedi training (as if she wasn't badass enough) ... It is entirely 3D modeled by me. Getting the exact details of this was a team effort with another maker who had access to behind the scenes images. 

The build was rather unique, instead of printing it as one large thing, I designed it to print out as 30 individual pieces that all assemble on a threaded metal rod in the middle. This allowed me to control paint much better and created a more realistic "built" look. Even the tiny silver screws are really holding all the grips on. All finished in copper and aluminum metallic, and yes, that's Mother of Pearl inlay on the center grips, perfect for a princess! I actually built two. One for myself, and one for a friend who is a true Rebel.

Leia Lightsaber

Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker

Build Pictures

Build Pics

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