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When I was a kid the vintage Lego Space sets were the bomb. Recently, The Lego Movie featured some of these old-school spacemen and I've always loved their iconic cylindrical helmets. I thought it would be cool to make a full-size, wearable version of the helmet worn by the Classic Lego Space minifigs.

For the Lego nerds: The Classic Space Helmet has actually gone though a few modifications over the years. The character Benny from The Lego Movie has a cracked chin strap because the original late 70s helmet design was notorious for breaking. They thickened the strap on subsequent designs. Mine is the original design – sans crack.

I took careful measurements of one of the tiny helmets I have from my childhood Lego sets. This helmet is essentially 21 x actual size.

The master was carved from a resin mold, slush-cast from resin and painted. The inside features a padded liner and a removable Lego face plate.

Lego Space Helmet

Classic Space Collection

Build Pictures

Build Pics

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