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Part of my ongoing series of vintage ray guns discovered within everyday items.


This raygun was more fashion than function in its day. Stylish to be sure, the Jet was a response to the fins and bullet taillights of the 50s. However, it's extremely underpowered for the size affording only an infantile "Pew-Pew" on trigger pull. 


I went full Jetsons with this one. This began as a Oster hairdryer from the 1950s that I found on Ebay. I reshaped a the handle, installed a proper fin, and created a custom emitter for the front end. On the side I installed some retro indicator lights to complete the 50s car vibe. Inside is a microcomputer loaded with a sound file. Pulling the trigger ignites the entire emitter and releases a charming "Pew Pew!"

Jet Raygun

Recycled Raygun Project

Build Pictures

Build Pics

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