A key part of the film The Da Vinci Code involves a biblical-era secret hidden inside a cryptex: A locked cylinder that is opened by aligning a series of rotating tumblers to the correct code word.


I wanted to use 3D modeling programs and 3D printing to build a screen accurate cryptex from the movie. I exhaustively researched the exact dimensions from auction photos of the film-used cryptex then built the entire thing in a 3D modeling program. Then each piece was printed on my 3D printer. I found an amazing metallic filament for the printer so what you're seeing here is essentially what came off my printer with no paint. The 27 piece kit was them assembled and the whole things was weathered to show it's age. Oh, and if you know the code, you can open it up to find a vial info vinegar wrapped with the screen-accurate papyrus note revealing the secret.


The Da Vinci Code